The free will


Sometimes  a book leaves you with more questions than answers. They take a long time to read,  because you spend  a lot of time not reading, but thinking. Thinking and pondering about the truths of life and if what you read is really true. Often you find that it is, that the author has put words on just that simple truth.  Afterwards you feel more complete, content and satisfied, as if you are in some kind of connection with the author and that you also know what he knows and has put into printing. Those are the best books. I hope I also can accomplish that. Writing about questions and facts of life that I have been or are thinking about. There are no real answers, only questions. Someone smart  said; the problem with this world is that the ignorant are so sure of themselves and the wise so full of doubts… I won’t have answers, other authors might have, the important thing is to reflect upon things, and to remember,  what is true for one person is not necessarily true for another.

A question I have been thinking about is if really have a choice and a free will to do what we want. Are most people victims of circumstances? It doesn’t mean we have to play victims an act like martyrs.   We are given  a hand to play with and we try to do the most of it. Sometimes we get to crossroads and have the opportunity to choose a path but that is not always. Sometimes the road just takes us somewhere we really don’t want to go , but have no strength to get off. It takes courage to be true to your soul , says Paulo Coelho. It’s very true. So why don’t we? What is stopping us? ”Everybody ” says we always have a free choice about what we do and the course of action we take. How true is that really? 1/3 of the planet, the poor, who lives on less than 2 USD a day would disagree. ” I think I will skip getting water from the will today or getting wood for the cook-fire, because I need to get my nails done” , is hardly a thought that crosses their minds. Almost 1/2 of the rest of the world, the women, would probably also disagree. Poverty might not be their reason, but long and strong cultural traditions, most of them saying that they have to get married,  form a family and take care of that family. I have read a lot of books with that theme, of opressed women ( mostly Islamic or African) It upsets me that it can still be that way in many countries, when we are so” gender – equal” in others.   The best way to rise from poverty, opression and injustice  is by education.  We will not get anywhere unless we educate children and people.

The pen is mightier than the sword ❤

Here is the book, free to read;

Money and Love rules the world.. choose wisely where you put yours!


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