The pen is mightier than the sword


The pen is mightier than the sword… is that why girls in schools are being poisoned?  There have been several poisonings affecting thousands (?)  Of girls over the last 6 years, or who knows for how long…   It is really depressing that a girl with education is such a threat to some people. What are they afraid of? That they  will not be loved any more? That the girls actually might think that they are worth something and should be respected and treated as  human beings?

( above written last year and never completed)

Perhaps I will continue this year.. If I find the time.  In the mean time  google poisoning of girls.. I also wonder if there a incidents not reported?   One doesnt have to be Einstein who has the means and motive to do these horrible things.   I really really hope women can build some resistance and fight back. Who are going to arm them and how? As long as they dont have their own money they are pretty much imprisoned. What can we do from here? And to prevent that it comes here?  Deevelopment doesnt always go forward. In history we have taken giant leaps backwartds repeatadly. Many countries have done this in modern history and more will follow if we dont pay attention.


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