How to catch a mans heart


Part two in Love for dummies. Now that you have found Mr. Right and can spot all the psychopaths, how do you catch him?

1. Listen to him
2. Look at him
3. Smile and laugh
4. Make him feel special
5. Make him feel useful
6. Make him feel manly
7. Make him feel like Gods gift to women
4. Be confident. smart and sexy, yet vulnerable, but not too much.
Most men cant resist this. They are not so complicated as women. Although catching a woman pretty much is the same thing.

How to get rid of psycoptahs? I don´t know. But “normal” men, just do the opposite.

Apparently there wasn´t a blog on how to find Mr. Right… just from my book ” The free will” Here is a copy of the passage;

  I thought about where I could find HIM and what I was looking for? I wrote in my diary:
·       Trust: without trust there was nothing to build the relationship on.
·       Communication: to be able to talk and share thoughts so you didn’t have to read them, without starting WW3 or the cold war or, and actually listen and take in what is said.
·        Respect: When you hear what other people say and respect that.
·       Honesty: to share your feelings & thoughts without small or big lies.
·       Consideration and generosity: to give from your heart and not expect anything in return
·       Loyalty: Not talking behind your back, turning your back and stand up for each other, for better or worse
I sighed. It was obvious none of my ex´s had those qualities. David got pretty close, but fell on communication. Olof was very closo too. But not an ex.  Richard I still wondered about. He had some traits that reminded of those of a psychopath;
·       Chatty, shallow and charming, with fabulous stories not seldom a lie.
·       Immense confidence, champions in everything but with low self-esteem and self contempt
·       Extreme need for control and power and demonstrating it by bullying and reducing with different techniques
·       Manipulative: always gets what they want by charm, lies or slender
·       Ice cold:  No emotions except anger if lost of control or threatened. Pretends to have emotions, but doesn’t. Eyes are empty and cold.
·       Grandios ego and self image as “center of the universe” that needs to be confirmed, followed and not damaged.
·       Responsibility: They would have to look it up. When someone are of no use anymore, they loose interest.
·       Morals, conscience, remorse and guilt: See above. 
·       Truth? See above. Lies about everything without hesitation and tells.
·       Friends? As long as they are of use
·       Often thrill seeking and sexually promiscuous

Det första könet, del 1 ( 2014) 

Eftersom det skrivits så mycket om det andra könet av tidigare nämnda  Beauvoir  m.fl. ska vi nu skriva lite om det första. Hur man hittar MR. Right, mannen med stort M, av det Rätta Virket…?
Först skapade Gud mannen… sen kom kvinnan. Han behövde ett utkast först… så hur mycket vi än letar så kommer vi aldrig hitta den perfekta mannen. Han finns inte.  Ja, vad ska man nu gå på?  det tvistar de lärde om. Fullärd blir man nog aldrig. Sophia Loren gjorde ett gott försök.  Och säkert flera med henne. Inklusive undertecknad. Förnuft eller känsla ? Sense or sensibility? jane Austen skrev en hel bok och jag minns inte slutklämmen om hon fick sin prins. …. Eller som Geoerge Michael uttrycke det i Kissing a Fool;  ”I will never find peace of mind while  – or UNTIL I follow my heart… ” simply; your´re screwed either way… vare sig du följer ditt förnuft eller ditt hjärta.

So, what is a poor girl to do?  Vill du ha en man som får ditt hjärta att slå fortare? eller en man som gör dig lycklig? Av någon anledning tycks dessa inte gå hand i hand. Och har du hittat någon som gör det, GRATTIS!! Du har vunnit högsta vinsten i kärlekslotteriet. Schabbla inte bort det…. för oss andra stackare ska vi  nästa gång börja lista några egenskaper vi letar efter och sådana vi ska lära oss undvika.

Tills dess, keep your heart and mind open… it´s like a parachute, only functions when open… 
XX and R.I.P GM ❤


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