Note to God…

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Pleas explain to me how you could let this happen? Your representatives on earth has taken their selves rights to rule and judge and decide the faiths of humans, animals, plants and the whole Mother Earth, a right that is not theirs from the beginning. Not only have they taken the right to rule over others,  but they have abused their power to KILL and destroy humanity, all in the name of YOU?  Don´t you think NOW is a good time to have them resign? Throw a lightening in the heart of it all? Friday the 13thby God?
It is with big despair I uncover one plot after another to kill all of humanity and the Earth. Who is Noah this time? Where is the Ark?  Could you really not find any loving people on Earth worth to save? Or did you plan to take them to heaven with you once your divine creation is destroyed? 
And what is this about really?  Your representatives think that non white people are no better than animals and to be killed or slaves? And also the white “trash” who do not want to think, work or learn but merely eat, drink, spend money, watch TV, and play games, should also be treated like “animals / slaves “ ??   Bread and death for the people to keep them happy… while we continue our business enslaving and killing them unnoticeable..
Well, in the latest text I read  I was equally shocked as the last ones… although  I shouldn´t have been.. I already figured this out a long time ago… I just couldn´t believe it would have its origin in a “Godly source”? I mean, who would have guessed?  Aren´t those the ones that are suppose to save us all and lead the way?? Instead they lead the way to the opposite? Or am I mistaken here?   Are there other forces doing that? So many documents bare the proof of the cruelty and blood on their hands.. why should it be different now?
The solution is always love and education. There is no other way. It´s the ONLY way for a sustainable solution. Death and war leads to nothing but destruction and hate. With love and education we can teach people how to take care of Nature, resources and each other. People are easy to lead. You have noticed that already. They want to believe in a higher power and do good. No one is born and want to be a murderer, rapist and thief. Children are innocent and very easy to lead. They can be taught to be great citizens with good teachers and role models. You know that.  That’s  also the solution to poverty, oppression and over population. You know that too. In all countries with high education the birth rate is low. More people die than are born,. Just what you want. 
Why do you want us to be slaves?
This is not a matter of believing “the right way” . This is a matter of control and power. Nothing else. It is really absurd that those in power really believe that it is in THEIR power to judge and rule and play God?  If that isn´t a crime then I don´´t know what is?  
The recipe to enslave people is to keep them;
          Uneducated/unemployed, low pay/income and  high loans/morgages  then you own them… make em sick , stupid and sterile and you own their souls too.. 

When people realize this  and break free from this you punish them ???  I am one of them… and I am not happy and very disappointed. Almost everything I lived for including my health was taken away.  I have asked WHY so many times they can´t be counted. Is this why? Well, they did a good job, unless you consider the fact that I am doing everything in my power trying to uncover the sinister plot upon humanity. Just like JFK. But I´m only a single person with no power. It is my hope that good, brave people with REAL power will read and see what I have seen. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Together we can do a lot. It´s time to pray it´s not too late already.  Nature is dying, plants, animals and humans are poisoned and damaged. Our DNA and genes are defected and will pass on to other generations if we can breed at all. We have become STERILE, STUPID and SICK because of the biological and chemical warfare upon us. The proofs are everywhere. I have written and shared an endless amount of it.I don´t know what to say or do anymore? It´s all up to you. I have done what I can.


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