Harry Potter, New Age Witches & Wizards – Yul/Christmas, Saturnalia and orgies..

Anna’s confusion is getting worse. Nothing seems to be what we are taught or seems to be? The New Age stuff, seemed really weird with all this worship of the light and all the Gods .. Lucifer was the bearer of light and knowledge.. thus he was the serpent in Eden when Eve ate the apple.. .. But in Anna’s mind he stood for hate and darkness and destruction. She had nothing in common with people who had sex with animals and children and sacrificed them to drink their blood and eat their hearts. If they wanted ww3 they would have to count her out. She did not believe any good would come of it. She could not understand at all why they lead people to perversion to have a reason to destroy the planet? In her mind there would be nothing to eat drink or even breathe. Did they plan that all the souls would reborn in another Galaxy ? Move to Mars? It was beyond her comprehension and she soon gave up her trying to understand the motive.

I t didn’t matter what Anna said or did or believe.. she would always have people against her.. if she was Christian she would have muslims, jews and Illuminati, Satanists and perhaps Catholics and Jesuits.. take either belief in the equation and you got all the others against you .. even if you were an atheist.
So , the pagan religions or the Hare Krishna.. what did they really worship? And the Egyptians and Babylonians or Greek.. It all boiled down to… ISIS.. what a coincidence? the usual suspects worshiped the devine mother of the Universe.. the moon.. also called Estar ( u know it as Easter) or Artemis ( her friends FB name was that and he was a gypsy.. she thought he was a fan of the three musqeters.. ) perhaps he was a fan of a KAZAR god? Holy Mary, Krishna, Diana.. The goddess was in ALL religions and even the symbol for both Turkey and Islam ? Kazars came from Turkey and the Saudi was said to come from the Kazars? She even wondered about the Royal famly in Britain ?
Digging in to all that history was a lot of reading.. and what could be trusted ? That YUL was a Viking celebration and also a Roman orgie ” Saturnalier with swing parties was new info. She only knew about Easter before. the mening of Christmas Anna doesnt even want to think about.. It was enough a freidn of hers wrote her a song titled ” La danza esta moerto” with arabic influences.. the same friend who gave her food that tasted cyaninde and made her whole tongue pitch black and spit blood and bleed from her intestants..
Any way… The babylonoan gods and The cradle of humanity was still to be explored… as well s the Jesuits or Alumn Bratos ? The enlightened ones?? What was their role .. and the roman Church.. how many of them were secret Jesuits or pagans or Satanists or jesuits?? she didn´t know…. and what about the story of the famine in ireland? genocide? and Cromwell? Loyola.. he was a Kzar and Jesuit ishe rembered correctly.. ?

Anna wonders about rumors Harry Potter written by Illuminati to indoctrinate children to want to be witches and wizards?
In Annas mind at first glance it could seem harmless just as Santa Claus did at first. When digging into it they used human sacrifices and seemed to worship Satan…
So Harry Potter sold 10 millions books in 55 languages in 10 yrs AND became movies. Someone really liked her… and ”she” used her influence as well.. apparently Scotland should not be free from Great Britain and Great Britain should not be free from The EU and a boycott to ISrael was not a good idea… hmm.. very extreme ideas in Anna’s mind.. now WHICH AND WHO´S AGENDA WOULD THAT FIT INTO.? one did not have to be Einstein for that..
and did she really support a ”fake ” twitter account that said that ww3 was a good idea? And of course pro ISIS and con Assad/Russia..
Anna was pretty sick with their PR campaigns with children in Aleppo saying thy were bombed yesterday when t´s been liberated for a long time. That they used the same girl in several cities on pictures was equal hilarious. In the age of information much of the WAR was done by planting false information to the masses. That´s why the cyber police had stepped up their game of censure. People should not be able to read information that was against their agenda,…/jk-rowling-and…/amp/ https:

Digging in to religion and the Satanic calender was really something else. Anna wondered if they really worshiped the birth of the God of the Sun on december 25 or Lucifer? And how and when did they invent Christ Mas ? Did they really mean to celebrate the oppositie? Not his birth?
In Rome and probably All over.. it seemed those orgies and rapes and murders got out of control. .. which people did this ?? Everybody?

Jodå syftet med agendan från  (USA) Förenade Satanister Byrån o dess lakejer MSM: Mutade Sinnesslöa Medier (utan medlemskap i Mensa) undersöks friskt. Att Allah med sitt gyllene svärd ska förstöra Kristendomen enligt uttrycklig önskan i Talmud står ganska högt upp o teorierna.
Huruvida solkorset missbrukats till höger i vänster o gudinnan ISIS universums moder kommer in i bilden är rätt spännande. Da Vinci koden de luxe kan man säga. Den kommer knappt i närheten av vad som är inblandat.



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