Alice in Wonderland

Video about ancient Sumerian tablets & our ”Alien-origin”

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Anna needed to take a deep dive into the rabbit hole just like Alice did. She didn’t want to but had to. Herlast big break through was when she found out EVERYTHING was all run by the Vatican, and the POPE DID NOT run the VATICAN,the Jesuits did. But the big question was they seemed to be run too?   
Just like Neo in the Matrix, she had to swallow the red pill in order to find out. To keep living in ignorant bliss was long gone. She had already swallowed the red pill long ago.
There had been times when she wondered if she should continue? The Opus Dei guys were really not to mess around it. Her computer screen had started jumping more than once when she had read articles about paedophile gatherings, Lucifer parties or whatever they had in their crypts when not worshipping Jesus.   It was like being in a novel live, in the DA VINCI CODE.  This was the ”De Luxe edition” combined with a little Harry Potter, Poltergeist and ET phones home.
How many times had there been UFO circling over the Vatican? How many times had the lighting struck down on them? Why did they name their telescope Lucifer? Why did they mention his name in their mass? Why did say it was dangerous to have a direct contact with Jesus Christ? Why did it HAVE to go through them? WHY were they so horny on keeping control and power over the people? Was it really HIM behind? Behind them? Did HE manifest himself in them? WHO was HE in this case?
Anna did not want to jump into the hole because she had no idea what she was up against. It was one thing to have helicopters from the CIA and/or FRA outside the window and above the house, and the MOSSAD cutting her phone calls and messages to and from the police and even hijacking the transmitter tower and hacking both her internet suppliers, by AIR and cable at the SAME TIME. They had also probably tried to poison her several times by gas and pills and sonic weapons and by satellite microwaves. And of course her little trips to the hospital, all staged by them.
This was something else. These might be creatures that were not human. What were they? Were they aliens? Gods? Demons? Angels? Or everything at the same time?
The more she looked into it the more it seemed to be everything combined. In the beginning she had thought the other “awake people” was “a little to awake” talking about aliens here and archons there and demons feeding of our own electrical energy we all sent out. It seemed very far fetched that we had a grid of energy circling around the earth made by all the frequencies our cells in our bodies sent out, that they fed their own spirits/ energy on, just like a violin sounding when you touched their strings gently. It resonated, vibrated in perfect harmony so probably God and the angels in heaven were smiling to their creation. Just in this case some wanted us to produce energy from fear. They had created us. And we created divinity ourselves with our love and imagination and will to create beauty and harmony. We did it in music, painting, poetry and more. Her own passion was dancing, she called it poetry in motion, especially dancing the tango, it was like expressing how it was to live, love and loss without words, just listening to the pain and passion in the music. They had taken that ability away from her and she hated them for it. She had been very good at it. It had been her lifeline in the chaos she (or they) created around her, and her way of surviving, her “ventile” (eng?)  to express all she felt. She let her emotions out in the music and her body so she wouldn’t go crazy.
The big question was, who was pulling those strings and playing the Luciferians like a violin?
She used to visualise her self just like a violin while dancing the tango or making love, turning deep into her soul to be able to connect by emotion or telepathy with the one she was with so that their every move made her body respond to their wish. The first instructor she had ever danced with had said she was a phenomenon and her close dance friend that she knew before he did what he wanted. She took it as the best compliment ever. She might not be the best dancer but a hell of a follower. Men loved that.
She assumed that there was not only Angels or Gods or Aliens or whatever.. that were proud of their creations capabilities,  but also envy, envy that we could create so much beauty and love when we had harmony around us and between us. It was like they wanted to destroy it and take away that ability and harmony from us and create chaos and hate in order to control us. WHY did they want that? WHY if they had created us? WHY if the aliens were friendly? She didn’t get?
All the other people listening to Project Camelot, David Icke,  Kavasallas and others, had they been right?   Of course there had to be something in it about what they all had been saying, she just hadn´t been ready to take it all in and melt it. This was a long journey. Nothing you could do in a few weeks. Many had been reading for years and even decades. She had hardly been reading for more than three years, although very intense the last year. She read and watched many articles and videos every day from people that them selves had done the research for decades or being involved in aliens or Mind control Programs or ex military /intelligence.
She could process and remember a lot of information and at the same time trying to tell others along the way what she found out. Sometimes she got sad, because people didn’t seem to be interested or care or understand the big threat all humanity and the planet faced.  At times she didn’t bother to Connect the dots and paint the picture but just sharing a link and leaving it up to them to make their own puzzle. Everybody had to make their own puzzle anyway, but it was always useful with someone providing their pieces to it so it was easier to see the motive getting more and more sharp. It was dizzy and fuzzy and needed more pixels to the picture.  That THEY were spreading pixels and pieces of information that didn’t belong, on purpose, just to confuse us, so that we wouldn’t find out what was going on, didn’t make it any easier.
Anyway, it was VERY scary in that hole and it was pitch black. Anna wanted to leave many times and also did. She took breaks for weeks when she couldn’t take it. The first time she found out that the Vatican and Jesuits did NOT at all seem to be what they said they were, she had cried for weeks. Of Course all the novice priests didn’t know either what the higher ones was up to. They were all lead to believe they were doing good, when they in fact was part of collecting money to finance the destruction of the whole planet and bring on the Apocalypse.
That they had now respect what so ever for human life and suffering and misery made Anna almost go crazy. She hated them so intensely that they could probably hear her thoughts at Saturn or Sirius. It probably wasn’t needed. She understood they could read her thoughts and even plant thoughts in her head if she wasn’t strong enough. While sleeping they seemed to have a chance in her dreams getting to her, probably something with the electrical activity in the brain going down around 4- 5 am. It was always then she had had her dreams. Twice she thought the one him self had made himself visible to her and it was scary but she refused to give in. He could go back to whatever hole or planet he came from, pour gasoline and lit the match if he got off on it. She would probably get burned anyway. So what could they do? Burn her twice? She was set to run this race to the end and save as many as possible if she could. Her way to do it was to watch, read, listen, observe and think and tell everybody her thoughts and hope they wouldn’t think she had lost it completely.  This was her thoughts so far with many pieces yet missing, wrong or at the wrong place. It was still fuzzy;
The FATHER the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT was EL , RA and ISIS. El, Ra and ISIS were the creators of the Universe and humanity.
 El was the sun, Ra was his son and ISIS the holy Virgin Mother of everything.  Ra was born on the 25th of December and we called his name, Amen, after every prayer in Church. Somehow Ra and Lucifer seemed to be the same spirit?  If he was also Satan himself was another question? Or was he yet another spirit too? The Vatican and Freemasons and Illuminati worshipped Lucifer. Did that mean they worshipped Satan as well?  She knew the one below pretty well by know and had figured out that he was a smart son of a bitch… and that was really another interesting aspect. EVE was not he first created woman, Lillith was, according to the texts.
 The Holy Trinity created creatures on the planet to serve as their slaves. The slaves´ mission was to mine gold for them. They probably needed it for their space ships as fuel. They run out on gold at their previous planets. This Anna read and watched from the tablets from the Sumerians were there were clear pictures of Saturn, the sun, the moon, spaceships, aliens, reptiles, and Gods and more. It was not fake news. No one could claim it was all made up . The interesting part was it was backed up by the findings ob the moon and in all the Pyramids and more. The evidence was everywhere; it had just been kept from us. The carbon dating had also been mixed it. The pyramids might be 30 000 years old and us too. There were skeletons from creatures not known to man and they matched the ones on the tablets. The reptilian looking beings were worshipped as gods my Sumerians but there was also the “Tall whites”, the “Greys” and the “Giants”. The Giants had a long beard and was probably El and the Supreme God.
The Sumerian tablets were the key to the whole thing, Anna realized. It was all written there and later on in the Bible. The Bible just repeated the stories from the tablets that predated The Bible with some two thousand years. The Sumerians had to sacrifice their firstborn son to RA by placing the baby in a  HUGE Bull-statues arms and beneath was a fire so that the baby would get roasted alive. That was the part Anna did not agree with. Any ”good God” would not require that from their servants. They would have to be insane or evil. So no matter what, if Lucifer was the one, she didn’t care, he would have to count her out. She was not into this frying babies alive thing, although the Vatican and all the other insane Saanists seemed to take it very seriously and followed his orders. That was why it was so important this had to stop NOW!! This MADNESS could not continue another day. We could not keep sending them live children for their pleasure. Of course they raped them too, It was also part of the cult. By raping babies the baby’s youth and power and soul was somehow transferred to their sick minds or vessels or whatever. It was a conception now that we were all just vessels and our spirit was free from it and could be taken by the evil or the good ones. The spirit reincarnated in other bodies after death that really wasn’t just dying. It was said that when we died we would be meet by guides. Anna just hoped they would have mercy on her soul when it was time for her. She had seen the lights and colours a few times in life already. If it was her brain not having enough oxygen or the angels she didn’t know, but they brought her back. Somehow her life journey wasn’t finished. When it was, she prayed they would let her go. She had done her best and didn’t want to be around anymore. She just hoped the planet and humanity would survive. They were worth it. So many good souls and beauty to save. We had not all been corrupted by their “#Silent Weapon” to lead us to destruction and disharmony so they could harvest our souls.  This was another thing she had been thinking about?
Did they not think this through properly when they created us? It was like a computer game for them and we were their SIMS Dolls. They added a little jealousy there, a little love here and a little disaster and misery there… and they looked down from above and watched us how we played our roles and seemed to have a lot of fun , just like a black comedy-thriller.  The novel “A Divine Comedy” by Dante who explored all the circles in hell came to Anna’s mind. She also needed an angel to guide her as he had. She had been in Purgatory for a long time and almost all the circles of hell, and they enjoyed watching. Was she an experiment? A lab rat? Did they have a lot of fun? Did they read her mind in the meanwhile? Of course they did. They sent her signals the time. When she thought she would call or text someone they could have the courtesy of letting them do it first, instantly or simultaneously in seconds. She was embarrassed they knew about her sexual encounters too. Didn’t they have any shame in them? Was that why they punished her? Well, she certainly had taken away that pleasure from them and could control her mind too.
Anyway, When they had created the apes, the Gods thought they would make their slaves a little more pretty and made them look like themselves. We were their image. ADAM and LILITH was made.  First God made MAN, he needed a draft… and than he made WOMAN.. 😉  Lilith was his equal or perhaps even superior and he complained to God that she wouldn’t do as he said, so God created EVE that was submissive and maybe not as smart as Lilith.  As far as Anna remembered Adam was ordered to spread his children on the Earth and not to eat from the fruit of knowledge to stay in innocent ignorant bliss. He had children with both Lilith and Eve and thus two separate bloodlines. Perhaps Ewe was made from his rib and Lilith was directly Gods seed. Somehow the story is Lilith became bitter and evil from being pushed away by Adam and wanted to take revenge.   The stories about Lillith are taken away from modern bibles. They had taken away whole chapters or even books with all sorts of things they wanted to hide, that didn’t fit to their agenda. And what was the agenda? Was there a code in the bible? Her ex boyfriend had thought so and she had thought he was nuts although she never said it to him. He also seemed to have been demonised at times and acted like dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde with pitch black eyes raging with fury from things that wasn’t even real. He made it up in his mind. So she left him.
Okay, back to Eden, Eve eats from the forbidden fruit of knowledge and the serpent appears and punishes her and Adam forever. They would have to work hard for food and she would have to suffer endlessly when giving birth.  Adam does like God demands and has a lot of babies that spread all over the world. Somehow they seem to lack manners and just seek pleasure and gold. They are like babies not being raised properly engaging in sexual activities and drinking beer, yes beer has a long tradition.  God gets tired of their miss conduct. This is not what he had planned at all . He orders the destruction of all humans with the big flood but, one of Gods sons , and this is where it gets tricky, is it Lucifer here who saves us ? or “Moses”?  Because there is more to the story, there were two sons from the God El called Enki and Enlil. Enlil was envy of his brother Enki and they came to argument.  Enlil was not really nice and sort of the “black sheep”. Anna wondered if Enlil and Ra was one and the same creature/spirit?  Or perhaps yet other sons of El? Anyway, Enlil or Ra was ordered to end his project of slaves for mining their gold but he begged the Lord El to save them.  He didn’t but Enlil had told Noah to round up a pair of all Gods Creatures and build the ark. Anna didn’t remember if El approved that. Anyway Noah did, and saved us all from extinction. If this was the act of Lucifer it was all a big mess. He had saved us and Anna would refuse to pray to him as long as he required sacrifices from living children.
There seemed to be a council of Gods too in the Universe. “The council of twelve”. Anna came to think of the Roman and Greek Gods. They were the same with just different names. Were they all looking down on us from heaven enjoying the show? Eating popcorn? While children were raped and fed alive to creatures she would not want to think further about.
They had built in a VIRUS in their Computer game they were playing and the manual itself was very badly written. If you create a program and a manual where it literally says that YOU ARE THE IMAGE OF GOD AND THE CHOSEN ONES, ALL THE OTHERS ARE JUST MERELY ANIMALS THAT YOU CAN RAPE, ROB AND EVEN KILL AT YOUR WISH. THEY EXIST ONLY FOR YOUR PLEASURE AS YOUR SERVANTS. Then you will have a HUGE problem with misconduct. The recipe for evil lies in the very manual for living. So when the “chosen ones” starts to treat ”the other beasts” as just “beasts” evil spreads like a wildfire and disharmony. And hereby lies the problem. How can one expect any good or love to spring out of this manual? And then blame THE PEOPLE for not behaving when they were the ones lead to destruction? 
Somehow, God realises his mistake, and sends the good son ENKI to Earth to spread knowledge of how to live and to raise his unruly children. He is reincarnated as MOSES and gets a set of rules, the ten commandments, but the people doesn’t listen very well… and here Anna has a lot of reading up to do… she doesn’t remember it what order everything happens? The Ten Commandments was that before Noah or after?
And then came Abraham, who of course also was ordered to sacrifice his first son, but God was gracious and let him off the hook at the last minute. Abraham had 12 or even thirteen sons. There seemed to be a lost tribe somewhere… and JESUS was probably also from the same blood line as Noah and Moses. The “good” divine bloodline. There seemed to be a bad one too? Lucifer and or Lilith? It was an awful mess? And where the evil spirits really on a hunt to take down everyone on earth from the divine or Jesus bloodline? This was also a theme in the Da Vinci Code. If people were targeted by the evil ones who had their #CABAL #KAZAR #MAFIA #SATANISTS at their disposal, was they to feel honored about that?  Anna told her friend they had clearly made a mistake if they targeted her but she would do her best anyway and hoped she got the puzzle right and did not spread bad theories. Luckily she was far from alone in this incredibly unbelievable fairy tale beyond the most vivid of imagination. Could it all be true?  Was Jesus born with reddish her and green eyes like many of the targeted? And was there a special blood type? There definitely was something fishy about the blood and some kind of X chromosome that didn’t t belong… But ENKI and Enlil were masters of the DNA string creations… they exchanged pieces in it along the way … she hope they weren’t swinging it and it would be game over soon, Their Computer game seemed to have run out of lives. And there was this other things with aligning stars and Saturn, Mercury and Venus above the pyramids in exact alignment in fen 2012. Was it the beginning of the final Count down? The Niburu planet, was it also back after 3600 years with the ext alignment in sept 2017?  What were they going to do to us? Were they going to save us or let us drown? Anna prayed they would have mercy; there were so much love out there. She had meet so many nice people who had not yet let them selves be brainwashed or destroyed or demonised by the evil ones.
Who should she pray to? She prayed to all of them, telling them they had to realize they had not been fair by providing a virus and bad manual in their game from the beginning. The manual had to be erased and replaced for good. People were so easy to lead and brainwash, you just had to provide them with the right stuff.
Somehow it was also funny that the tribes of Abraham might have been “black”. They probably came from Egypt somewhere and it could explain the Coptic Ethiopian Christians that the Roman Catholic Church invented ISLAM to wipe out from the face of the earth without loose face. So the real chosen ones were sent all over the world as slaves.. Were they blacks? She had so much to read up on.. And now she hadn’t even mentioned the aliens yet… that was a whole another chapter, almost an entire book. When would she ever find time to write it?

   Video about Enki & Enlil


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