Who was Mithras/Jesus?

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Anna watched the video again. It was e few months since she saw it the first time. Since then she had read a lot about ancient religion . She thought the answer to all the mess in the world must be in the beginning. We were dealing with people or beings who were acting totally insane. Were they even humans at all? Humans don’t do things like they did. We have boundaries for that in our brains and emotions. Its called empathy. The ability to FEEL someone else’s PAIN so you couldn’t do it to them or try to save them from it. The ones who lacked it were called psychopaths or maybe sociopaths and the light version was Narcissist. 
She wondered how they ALL seemed to be psychopaths? Were they all TRAUMATISED to become psychopaths? Did they sell their children to their “friends” for pleasure as toddlers? Or perhaps 3 year olds? She wasn’t really sure about their “manual”? Was it Talmud? Who said that it was okay, or the “Jesuit“ oath?   Both of them gave her the creeps, as well as knowing that children in Africa were requited to “guerillas” by being forced to shoot their own parents, often after seeing their sisters being gang raped and/or killed. You sort of had to close the door to your heart and emotions if you don’t want to go crazy then. And of course their will be hate as a primary emotion that finally submerges when “coming to life” again, a hate against the world for letting this happen. And then there is the “Stockholm syndrome” … somehow some (? ) victims identify themselves with the aggressor and feels sympathy and tries to rationalize their behavior?  Anna her self had experienced her heart being frozen to minus 100 or whatever.. when it was completely out of order due to emotional and psychical trauma. It had slowly started to heal, and feel empathy again, but her soul and spirit was almost gone. She lived only to try and save other ones. If she made any difference she didn’t know, maybe just caused more misery? She tried anyway and hoped people just would open their hearts, minds and eyes and start asking questions? She couldn’t do more. 
Anyway  as so many times before, seeing or reading information for a second time, when your picture is somewhat different can make all the difference in the world. Without pre- knowledge there are often things you dont get or see. This time when seeing the video about the old tradition of orgies and drunken parties at the Saturnalia festival, celebrated every year before decemeber 25, in honor of the SUN god or Saturn or BAALS? Birthday She really didn’t know for sure if the SUN god and Satan and Licifer were separate gods/ angels/beings/demons ? It was a bloody mess.. literally.. Christmas was originally celebrated to the birth of Jesus Christ arch enemy. Or was Jesus and Lucifer the same guy? But Jesus condemned Lucifer and the antichrist in the Bible and said that the people had to stop worshiping him and burning their children alive to him. That is also stated in the Sumerian tablets. The Sumerian tablets was the blueprint for the Bible stories. It had all been written down some three thousand years or so before the bible or “Jesus” birth. The stories of Noah and Moses and Abraham and Adam and Eve and Lilith… it was all there.. just kept  a BIG secret by the church and Public Fool System.
Any way again, after reading about all the “gods” and their half breed children.. ”demiurges” ? Enki and Enlil? trying to find out who was who and did what with whom and what symbol of which bird or planet/star they had, it was almost  a chock when this guy “MITHRA” was mentioned again… and somehow it became a very serious religious cult in the Roman empire and also probably the UK.. they had found old temples or something there? Apparently the cult came to life around or BEFORE Jesus birth and it was practiced by men in high positions?
This Mithras guy apparently was born or a Virgin mother, baptized, had a halo above his head and twelve disciples and performed miracles..died and resurrected after three days..   the similarities between him and Jesus was like he was cloned? How many times had Jesus been reincarnated here on earth? Some say MANY times, like Moses and Noah and Abraham or whatever.. she hadn’t written everything down and didn’t remember all the details.. but here is were it got interesting… Mithras was probably first born on December 25 and then  later on September eleven… when the star constellation with Virgo and everything was aligned with the planets thousands of years ago..  the planets were aligned again September 23 2017 and the Bethlehem star was also visible. How BIG was this Mithras cult? And WHEN did it start? And WHERE did it originate from?
Anna couldn’t wait to read and watch more..  she had a hard time explaining this when she didn’t understand herself.   Someone smart said “ If u cant explain what u do  or understand why,  then u should question it?   Anyone who couldn’t explain what they did or why so a child could understand really didn’t understand themselves or the problem very well… Anna only knew she wanted to go to the bottom with evil.. where did it come from and WHY? If she knew or people knees.. maybe it was easier to know what to do about it? Was it religion as cause of all evil? Or was it external beings from other planets plotting to kill us all and take over our planet?  Or the “Gods” thinking it was need for a “second flood” after deliberately leading us to bad behavior with, contempt for other people in their “manuals” all the religious texts.. . Communism was almost worst when it came to genocide.. and that wasn´t even religion.. . was money a religion? How many lives could that count?  She was so sick of everything now and just wished people would wake up to the same nightmare she had, and spare her and everyone else from the madness.


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