Alice in Wonderland 1 & 2 with Inferno (Eng)

Please see part one one ” Inferno”  here:
Anna was furios. They tried to stop her every move. She wished them to hell or a black hole inte universe multiple times a day. Wasnt it there they came from anyway? Or some dirty little holes in the ground? like the lizards with brains as a size of a pea? She often laughed like crazy with her friend on the phone several times a week and joked about the nightmare they were in. She just wanted all the others to wake up from their own fluffy pink dreams into the same nightmare she and many others were in.
”If I didnt hear and see the former chief of NASA openly admit and say that ”IF PEOPLE KNEW WHAT WE KNEW THEY WOULD NEVER SLEEP AGAIN” or David Icke or the Candadian defence Minister or many many others say and confirming what I understand from all the research.. I would admit myself somewhere.. ” Her friend laughed too..
Without her she would really have gone crazy. She knew she wasn´t. It was the world that was, and ”people” who had tried their very best to make her crazy on purpose. They had used that technique since SSP the Secret Space Program started, or really after operation Paperclip which had deep connections to the SSP, since The Nazists and Hitler and probably his master the Pope and their master the Jesuits had began seeking the roots of humanity. They had used it on many, many others. How many people they had killed, destroyed the lives of or had looked up in mental hospitals she didnt know.. They killed peple like ants. We were nothing but bugs to them., literally. We were not even considered HU MANS which in hebrew means something like ”image of God” She suspected the Talmud was actually telling the truth. Non Goyims /Annunakis ? the ” gentiles” were simly to be considered as mearly animals and killing or raping one was like ”killing a wild animal. ” They should also be killed if they knew anything about the ”Chosen Ones” and what they thought or had written about them in the Talmud. Gentiles who read the Talmud should also be killed. Anna couldn´t care less. They could go to hell were they belonged.
Hell was another field for her research. Who was in charge for that? Was it Jehova or Satan? Jesus or Lucifer? Marduk or Mithras? Horus or the godess Hell from the Vikings who ruled there? That was yet another rabbit hole she didnt want to dive into just yet. Apparantly a man connected to ”Bocksagan” and ancient civilisations in the Nordic regions was supposedly killed. Where did Atlantis go? Were they drowned like Noahs firends? ”Jehova” or the ”Gods” really enjoyed killing people.. or were they so badly breeded by the ”Nefilims” that their evil and corrupt genes simply couldnt be allowed to grow… Better kill a million than a billion? That is what the guy on utube said. He had done research about the long skulls all over the world. He tried to expalin what  Archons, Angels, demons and Nephilims was : a demon is the offspring of angels mating with humans, that was forbidden and not suppose to happen? ( if so, why were we CREATED as food and pleasure?) They become hybrids and their souls are trapped of some sort and seeks bodies of humans to possess. They are very evil he says. The archons are just another word in Greek meaning master, the Annunakis. Yet another man claimed he had seen the Nephilims circling like black hyenas in the ceeling over a man who was bleeding to death. Apparantly some people and probably animals can see them. They go crazy sometimes. They can also supposedly shape shift and walk through walls. Anna wondered about that? There were several nights when she was awake she could swear she heard someone in the fridge or her coffe jar without hearing doors open and close. Was it her tenant who was so silent? He did not go to the bathroom at the same time.

So , were we really created as food for the Gods, Anna wondered? It litterally said so in stone tablets, and apparantly in a reference to the Bibel, was it the book of Enoch or another? The guy who had ”Leak Projekt” and read them were as furoius as Anna and David Icke. He had almost choked when he read they literally fried their babies alive to the Gods. That was one evil son of a Bitch… hmm… that made Anna think about all the stories.. Was Satan the son of the Sun or Lucifer? Were they the same? Zeus was the heaven God or EA / and he was obsessed with the princess Europa. He shapeshifted to a bull and she mounted it and he swam to Crete or something with her and then ruled the world..
Mithras is also often portrayng sitting on the bull trying to fight it. The Moloch staty was in a form of a giant stone bull who held his arms in front of him.. thats where the people put their alive babies and the fire was beneath,,.. roasted like pigs.. ”the smell of flesh” is mentioned often in the Bible..
Anna thought this God was insane or evil if he demanded his ” Chosen ones” to kill their own babies. That is what Jehova said to Abraham too . Jehova didn´t seem very nice at all. Was the holy Spirit and ISIS one and the same? She might have been Europa then? Or was it Diana? ISIS was the mother of the Universe and everything, the moon. The heavenly supreme God of all was the SUN and their sun was RA/Lucifer .. she understood.. where Satan and Jesus and Mithras fitted into all this was a mystery just as Enki and Enlil the sons of EA? Was one of them Ra/Lucifer? And Nimrod /Marduk was his son or something?
The Annunakis literally meant ” those who from heaven to earth came” . When WAS that really? Millions of years ago? Somehow there was leftovers from a NUCLEAR disaster at that time. We did not have that technique then. We did not have the techinique to build the pyrammids either. Anna guessed they were a lot older then they said and that they used sound and anti gravity technique. The same technique everybody was murdered for as well as the knowledge of US the HUMANS being cretions of ALIENS and with ALIEN DNA. It was all hush hush.The Vatican probably couldnt have it aswell as every owner of oil or natural gas i in the world. That we were created by Aliens didn´t didnt mean they could still be Gods also, Anna speculated. The evidence were everywhere. The long-skulls had alien DNA in it and their heads didnt have our shape. Some were VERY strange. The ”Gods” also had the Reddish golden hair like Jesus and ISIS had. She wondered if som had green eyes to? Enkis bloodline they had blue eyes. All their Gods had blue eyes even in Egypt, Australia and South America.
In South America and all over the world there was findings and pyramids after the Annunakis. The one in Bosnien apparantly was very big. The golden ratio of Pi and Phi and everything about the pyramids was really a mystery. They also had drawings of serpents, lizards eating humans and lizard looking creatures in space costyms with breathing devices.. there were drawings of UFOS and star constellations. Where did they all go? Did they live among us? Beneath us in giant caves? Apparantly there were caves and tunnels all over the world that were HUGE binding continents together… and they were NOT built recently. Some say they were used during some kind of cataclypse.. the A-bomb they found traces of? Or an asteroid? Did the dinosaruries really all die? Or just move underground? Eating babies every day fed by the NSA? Anna was not alone speculating about that. There were all kinds of strange stories.
The movie Unacknowledged on Netflix / Utube was really good. But she suspected they witholded the unpleasant truth and only told the nice one, that the aliens were nice and we were going to have a planet like ”Paradise” once all was disclosed. She really hoped that but wasnt so sure. They were still starving, drowning and burning people and animals en masse and spraying Chemtrails with their nano shit every single day all over the planet. Who had stolen the keys to HAARP? It was time Putin and Trump did. Enough was enough. So did Q think and operation Alice in Wonderland needed to be exposed… and the Kazar Kabal Mafias needed to go to hell.. we were not in Kansas anymore.. the anti trafficking month was so great she cried. She had fought so hard to spread info about that and called it #Notme as supposed to metoo of course.   IT was time people knew, about that and everything… well, almost everything..

PS. Q  is probably a person with the highest clearance of all. Higher than the president.

You were bulitvas food for the Annuna Gods

Archons angels and Nephilims

Vatican supressed lord Enlil

Update 26 July – 18… Please see the latest post on the blog , Facebook and twitter and the head of it all is Q ANON on Twitter and ex CIA officer Robert David Steele ( nominated for the Nobel Peace prize ) 


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