Alice in Atlantis


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Anna woke up in the middle of the night as ussual.. her heart pounding.. and her head filled with dreams… so vivid dreams.. the world was going up in flames and she and her son just barely got away. From a far he could see the whole planet turn to ice. The fires and bombs had lit up the skies and suddenly there had been a  HUGE flood of water. After almost drowning with her son in her arms she could breathe under water and suddenly they were up in the sky wtaching the planet from above. Her Atlanis was never more. The mountain chain and mount Vernon and all the mammuts eating the green grass was never more.. The gods were angry. Would the war in universe never end? How many planets had they destroyed  ? Why?

Anna was heart broken. Again. Everyone she knew had broken her heart and GAIAS heart was broken too. What could she do really?  Would it be worth it? There was always psycho parasistes everywhere that couldn’t stand other peoples´ happiness. Or should she say BEINGS? They were NOT human. Would she EVER return ? Did she want to? Probably not.  They had done this to her so many times she didn’t want to play anymore. They could count her out of the game . Eat her body, drink her blood rip her soul out.. or whatever the parasites got high of?  She didn’t care anymore. They would never let her go.

She couldn’t understand what THEY wanted?? Why was she special? She didn’t understand? There was something VERY strange going on? Did her mind had memories of past lifes she didn tknow about? And was there something about her in THIS life she didn’t know about? The awful thing was, she had recently understood she was probably part of a special program called S.A.T.A.N. That meant they had identified the unique frequency of her brain and could not ONLY read what she was thinking or hearing or seeing what she was seeing, they could INPLANT thoughts, ddremas, feelings and whatever they wanted.. probably visions too. Voices she already knew they could send. They kind of made a fool of themselves the minute she woke up a the mental hospital. The voices in her head was not hers snd she knew it the second she heard it she would never come up with somethong like that. Wrong vocabulary.  Fucking stupid idioits.

The techniue was callaed voice to skull and was quite old actually. Barry Trowers at MI6 told a lot and doktor Duncan the rest- The probem was they had people wanted to kill her and drugged her. They even wanted to kill her. They gave her 6 times the dosage of a medicine a doctor and her MOM of all people insisted she would take for her insomnia. She had gotten a psychops from 5 mg. What would 30 do? On top of that they gave her the medicine for the thyroid she got deadly anafylaxi from? What were they thinking? Did they want her dead?

She had probably been raped too. She could hardly sit down because of pain, even though she was in a haze of drugs trying to focus so they wouldn’t kill her or rape her again. She was bleeding. That was not a good, sign.  The memories were so painful she tried not to think about them but they came to her in her dreams any way.

Anna woke up again from another dream with deep anxiety. She didn’t know what it wanted to tell her or why? She didn’t even know WHO planted in there and why ? Was it her on mind? Or  those who hacked her brain ? Was it her father ? Her mother? Her ex? Which one? Or maybe even Jesus? They probaly run that program too.. very effective in wars , or any situation probably.. just sat THIS IS GOD SPEAKING.. and every one will do what it says… Well, she had one advantage.. she KNEW their tricks.. and the AI computer she had already seen through long ago..
The dream was about about forbidden love and sex. The kind of sick stuff they quit 5000 years ago. At least she hoped they had. Actually.. she knew people were still doing that shit in the name of“God”. To “honor” “ Him”. So what did it say when you should “honor “ your parents. In what way exactly was that? And could a mother kill her daughter for taking her place?
She knew they wanted to keep the blood “pure” in Egypt and they propably belived that orgasm was a great energy- source for the whole body. That was a proven bilological fact . She didnt know enough about the rites they had in their temples but she sort of guessed that sex with many people at the same time was involved. All in the name of “ God”.
She felt like a girl during a which – hunt. Can u breathe under water? Than u are a wich.. No ? You died .. sorry… You will go to heavnen then. Do you like sex? Answer yes and u will go to hell – or if ur body cant resist – u will go to hell too. This was exactly the kind of stunt they pulled on her last time.. ..after a very suscpicous first night when she was so drugged they probably could have done anything without her knowing it.. she woke up with pain and bleeding. The night after that she woke up in the middle of a sex-dream and decided not to sleep again They were testing her. She would not allow her body to have orgasms in her sleep aginst her will. This was sick stuff they were doing to her. And why?
She tought about Yahve in the Old testament. He was not a really nice guy. He wanted people to sacrifice their first born. Abraham was let off the hook in the last minute. They even burned their children alive on a giant stone Bull – staty . “ The smell of bunred flesh” is mentioned several times.
Jesus – his son – did not like this at all. He told the people they had to stop this INSANE RITUAL IMMEDIATLEY OR HE WOULD PUNSIH THEM!!
In the bible it says that men were created as “food and pleasure” for the Gods. And also work-force and slavery . they were nothing but slaves. She wondered about the Talmud . Who wrote that really and WHY? That was one evil – rasist God that said that having sex with 3 years old- babies girl and boys alike was okay. Their tears was a good thing an the virginity would somehow “ come back” It was also okay to rape – kill – use – beat – – cheat- whatver.. all oteher “people” except hewbrews. They were just “ animals”. Not the“chosen” ones. That was some sick twisted God Anna thought. How could “people” resopect a God like this? That was insane? Not even his son did, Jesus. Anna wondered if it was possible that it was in fact his OWN SON that was rejeceted by him and cast out of heaven and called “ the fallen one”?? That was a sick twisted idea? but she had had it before.. it was kind of logic and fit  very well into the puzzle.
The song “! By the rivers of Babylöon.. were we sat down… and Yeha – we wept – when we REMEMBERED ZION ( MEANS THEY MUST HAV FLEAD FROM ZION) AND WE WERE SAVED FROM THE WICKED ONE.
Was the wicked one Yahve? Who kept them in slavery and orderd them to kill their first-borns?
well… DIDN’T Farao refuse? Somehow Moses was going to be saved bu being put in a basket in the river. He was founf by Faraos daughter –or wife.. and grew up as brother to Ramses the third.. And he lead the people out of Egypt – 40 years in the desert to moutn Sinai in Saudi. They crossed Jordan on a land rdeg.. its still tehere today- probably psoosible to walk on? They also found the 13 bitter wells of water.. even sealed them because they must have been some poison in it. They found the mountain exactly where it says in th bible and there are EGYPT TOMBS there with the namne MSOSES in araboc in it – or was MZZH ? the name for “ The LIZARD KING” .. an that’s a whole othe book.. was he an amfibie too like Posiedon in the GREEK MYTH? There wre LIZARDS and snakes all over in religious scrptures and temples…
Anna thought that the LIZARDS might not even be the evil ones having kids for breakfast . They mnight even be the nice ones. Nothing was the way it seemed . Everythong was upside down.
So.. MOSES thart probably just was Gods so or an earlier version OF JESUS rebelled against his FATHER and too the out of salvery and tld them that they had to stop sacrifisng babies and stop that RASIST_ nonsense. THE GOLDEN RULE WAS: TREAT OTHERS AS U WANT TO BE TREATED UR SELF. BE KIUND TO THE KIDS AND LOVE OTHER PEOPLE AND TRY TO FORGIVETHEM- TURN THE OTHER CHEEK.
so… the bottom line her was — was Jesus Actually Lucifer – the one who wanted to bring knowledge to peple so they KNEW wjat they wero doing- and knew that were mearaley slaves and made as food and pleasure?
And was he even an amfibie? How were the reptiles portrtaued in Egypt? With love and respect and wisom or with hate and fear? They were the symbol for medicine and power. How about love?
The God Thoth who very well could be Jesus too – was portayed with an IBIS head- that meaing they could only feed from flowers – not eat meat. She thought it was symbolism in that. Of course he was the Lion also ying with the lamb.. even though they chaned it in the bible to a wolf.. ( Mandela again.. he was a busy guy)
Any way… so This also fit in somewhat with the legends of SOFIA the VIRGON MOTHER of yhe Universe and whole planet
Okay.. so she was having all these visions and voices.. the only tricky part now was to figure out who put them their and why? Was it just the boys again having fun with the computer at the S.A.T.A.N. program? Or did they ALSO want to fnd out stuff and had haced her brain for a reason? Was it that she wasn’t even raped for fun – but because they wanted something form her body . Like her DNA? Her offspring ? Then WHO was raping her? She thought they wrent successful… because she didn’t belive she hade been longer than maybe six months.. That was probably what she could have been the lat time? Did they TAKE somethong from her body??? And wanted to keep her alive and protect her from people trying to kill her? sShe sort of understood she had been poisoned several times before.
Anyway.. her life would be a great movie if she could tell her story.. It was a greek tragedy and science Fiction and the Da Vinci code- de luxe – all in one.. a little War iof the rozes too.. and Sandra Bullock in “ The Net” and a few super spy stuff- shit too—with people trying to start ww3.. Oh.. and not to forget the mafia. The medical and cemical and mobile industry… the enrgy industry … probably wanted her dead too.. and they might even own the Police.. and of course there was the ISIS people.. and THE SHARIA supporters.. and the KAZARS and Jews… for her crtisicng Nethananu – how they treted the Palestinans.. and sharing information about the TALMUD:
SHE WISHED HER SELF GOOD LUCK .. and hoped JESUS would protect somehow.. with the help of SOPHA , Gabriel, Raphael and Michal and his wife and disciple Mary.
/ Draft Inferno



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