Inferno, the Conspiracy (eng)

(must see video 2:26 – about NWO history)

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Anna is really confused about all the information. The puzzle are still missing pieces. From her understanding the world is ruled by the NSA and then CIA, FBI, Mossad, MI6/5, Scotland Yard, Turkish and Saudi intelligence, Swedish Intelligence; FRA, NSA, MUST, KSI, Säpo, probably in somewhat that order… AND THEY ALL WORKED TOGETHER… But.. the big but is.. who runs them?
All the evidence and information pointed to the Vatican  they had governed Hitler during the ww2 and finansed him before the war. But… who ran the Vatican ?
The evidence and information pointed to the Knights of Malta, that is the society of Jesus Christ, the defenders of the cross and Christianity who had sworn and oath to the pope.  The Grandmaster ruled them but the real power eas probably at the general for the military.  The general and grandmaster had had fall out who was in charge, just like the pope had had a fall out with the Jesuits. They had murdered many Popes and popes had expelled them and order their killing , all on the same day, FRIDAY the 13:th. Could they still hold a grudge for that?
The Jesuits control the FREE MASONS and a lot of other secret societies. To become a Free Mason you only had to believe in a higher power, to become a Jesuit it had to be JESUS and Christianity.
But now things start to get complicated… where did the ZIONISTS and JEWS AND SATANISTS AND ISLAM fit into all this?
First of all if Jesuits HATED ALL “JEWS” because they killed Christ , did they hate the KAZHARS?  Most “ Jews” are NOT Jews. They could thereore not be hold responsible for the murder of JESUS:
KAZAHRS came/come from inner RUSSIA, Georgien, Armenien, KAZAKSTAN . Their King BULAN was attacked by Christians from one side and muslims from the other.. so they adopted Judasism to not get attacked.
ISLAM was according to information probably created by the Vatican ( or  Jesuits?) in order to have an excuse to conquer land and gold and go to war, just as today, and keep power and control of its own people in fear of the enemy. It could also be used as an excuse to kill of their own peple who were trouble makers, without getting bad will for it, on the contrary  sympathy and good will and more power and control.
The Kazhars were also the ancestors of Rotchilds and the medical industry BAYER in Germany at 1800 talet when they manufactured and sold heroin and later aspirin.
The Kazhars ruled a lot in RUSSIA. They owned almost everything  and contolled the money, like todays Jews still do.  “ Give me control of a lands money and I care not who makes it´s laws”… They took over most of the worlds central banks . The Jesuits order own and control some to, The Bank of England JP Morgan(?) . The head of the RESERVE is Jesuit. Most people in offices are Jesuits.
Rotchild wanted Tsar Nikolaj to loan money from him and to establish a central bank. Nikolaj said no. “ I probably signed my deat sentence now” he said… and so it was.. with the Fregatt AURORA ( meaning prayer of gold)  .. the “ Russian Revolution” was started… it was not Russian, they were KHAZARS.. not even speaking Russian.. they didnit even speak Hebrew.. because they were not from Jewish.. they spoke YIDDISH… so the Khazars slaughtered the Royal family wife and children and all.. and they killed of half o Russia.. who were not Khazars..  that is also what Stalin and Lenin also did.. having “Jewish” ancestors they too.. some 60 million are said to have bee killed by “ Jews” .. depending on how you count..
The Kazars are also the KBG/FSB and the mafia.. and they are therefore not a Russian mafia but “Jewish” or Khazarian.. and they spred to the US where they grew very strong.
The “Jews” in the US owns and controls the media and many banks.
Catsro and CUBA is controlled by the Jeuits. Castro is a Jesuit. That was probably why he was let to live and JFK dont.  The Vaticans bank have supposedly laundred money for Pablo Escobar, a drug lord. The JFK went after the secret societys and mafia so they killed him. He said that in a speech before his death.
The CIA/ NSA are the world biggest drug lords.  They crashed a plan with 4 tons of it leaving it very hard to question that. Most people in “intelligence” knows that is how they finance all their reqruiting, arming and traing of “rebels2 and “gerillas”  who overthrow governments tyhey don´t like and create chaos and terror from within the country and rule them with the Roman principle ; “ divide and conqeur ”  . Syria thet created a plan for 1983 , cause they wanted to prevent the pipeline with GAS to China from Russia. They wanted to control the oil and keep the value of US Dollar, otherwise it would fall. That is what is happening now and also the reason for killing Gaddaffi and bombing Libya. He wanted to unite the OPEC countries and trade oil in gold and a new currency, Dinar, ( which is what Chinas is doing right now, the Yen is tradable in gold). Of course both the Rotchilds nor the US could accept that so they bombed everything just like they did with Iraq who wanted the same … Anna assumed… there was a conflict with Kuwait who stole the Iraqi oil from there common well by cutting Iraqis pipes and drill off.. so he got the “promision” to invade them.. it was a just a set up… they tricked him by cutting off his oil supply so he would attack and they would have the legitimate reason to destroy both him, the country and control of it´s oil.. and of course keep the US dollar value up.
NSA/CIA invaded ALL countries who did not follow their tune or jumped when they  said jump.   To their help they had the house of SAUD ( the royal “ jewish” family who got a whole country called by their name)  and also “Israel”.  And here is where it is getting really complicated… The Sauds have been run by a CIA friendly King… who is now ( since july?) no out of power and CIA thrown out of the house…   Turkey followed there sample and also threw CIA/NSA out of the house…
Israel is still begging the US to invade Syria and start WW3… and they are ruled by the Zionists… not the Jews. but what about the Jesuits?? 
When Trump came to power he started to bomb the right heads in Syria and he got help from Putin. They quickly defeated ISIS in a few months, a thing that OBAMA couldn’t do for more than five years…   so… the NSA/CIA had to order “rescue operations” for their high ISIS commanders… they rescued and flew out ISIS officers.. that says a lot..  By the way… on e of the captured ISIS officers was a MOSSAD high officer… connect the dots.. it´s a joint operation by SAUDI, Israel and the US.. or at least their military and intelligence.. . Trump is not on the same team as the NSA and CIA or the Congress and Senate. He is on the side of the people who don’t want to feed the military industry complex any more. 
So… which side are the Zionists on? And where does the Illuminati and Satanists fit into all this?   Are they in cahoots with the Vaticans and/ or Jesuits??
The ones in the highest circles do worship Lucifer and sacrifice children in holy rituals, Anna understands from all the readings and witnesses.   Somehow it is linked to an Egyptian ancient tradition of worshiping the son of the SUN; RA… or AMEN RA? (hence Amen? ).. They also worship the god ISIS and many more.. the sun is very holy and that might be why they turn to Lucifer.. he was also connected with the light and the Illuminati.. and they are suppose to hate everything JESUS and GOD stands for and set out to destroy Christianity..
So the tricky part is.. what is their connection with the Vatcian and /or Jesuits?  Are they taken over by them? Pretending to be “servants of God”   or do they also have an agenda by killing of all o humanity who already fell for Lucifer… and somehow bring on the apocalypse have Christians, Jews and Muslims all killing each other in one final horrible war… and have Putin destroy BABEL ( SAUDI) with a nuclear bomb.. and what they want for Damaskus I Anna don´t know? And will there be an Ark saving some good souls and what is left?  What they will eat will be a mystery.. for Nature is almost dead already.. the ocean is poisoned and the air too.. all the insects are soon dead so there will be no food.
And what about DAMASKUS IN Syria?  The Jesuits already slaughtered the once? If she remembers correctly… during the crusades.. the problem was they were CHRISTIANS…surely they must have known they killed their own people?  Now, WHY would they do that??
And also, they have this mercenary killing machines they use called BLACKWATER… are they really defending Jesus Christ? Or are they just a false flag like the White Helmets ? Anna doesn´t know.. is there any news about Blackwater agents saving ISIS soldiers? Or killing them?
Anna has seen and read mysterious articles/videos about worshipping ancient symbols within Islam and in Turqey.  The greatest free amson lodge is in Kairo and Turkey. They seem deeply connected to Egypt traditions.   Hitler and the Nazists was also obsessed with that.  Hitler was the popes marionett. The Jesuits, KKK and nazists have the Iron Cross as symbol. They also have some kind of bird.. Vatican military has a bird..  Himmler was a Jesuit priest as Stalin.. they are all for white supremacy …everyone else are merely slaves with no brain.
So, was there a connection here? Or where they on the opposite side of the “Illuminati/Zionists” ?     The fact that there seemed to be a “ blame it on the Jews” campaign all over again like before ww2 was interesting…  there was no question that these were very smart people using al the diry tricks in the books… pretend you are someone you are not.. to get close… you keep you r friends close, but your enemies closer…  your enemies enemy is your friend… and you have them fight each other to save resources…. And you do that by using double agents infiltrating them and back talking them… spreading rumours and even reate false flag attacks like 9 /11… divide them and conquer them… also create smoke screens.. so their attention is somewhere else for what is really going on…
And of course… keep them stupid and sick and entertained with sex, drugs and violence.. and they will not care what you do… ALL IS SAFE..  you can keep on you business with killing everyone and destroying the planet.. for whatever reason it was.. THAT was another big question? The reason? 

some digging into BLACKWATER above and below

”ISIS is a CIA/Mossad project, They are working for greedy Masonic Zionists Basically, they’re using ISIS as a ”tool”, ISIS was created and funded by US, with the help of Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, they all support the opposition, while Russia, China and Iran support the Assad regime…. they’re using all these terrorist attacks as propaganda to overthrow Assad and the Syrian government.”,



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